Florida House Learning Center

The front entrance to the Florida House Learning Center is shown in this photograph.


  • Location: Sarasota, FL
  • Building type(s): Single-family residential
  • New construction
  • 1,960 ft2 (182 m2)
  • Project scope: a single building
  • Completed 1994
    The house originally included a main living space (1,550 ft2), a "garage," used as an office (412 ft2), and an unconditioned porch (825 ft2). In 2002, an additional conditioned exhibit space (220 ft2) was added. The total conditioned space is now 2,182 ft2.

The Florida House Learning Center demonstrates "earth-friendly" conservation technology and design for living in southwest Florida. The one-story house is a modernized "Old Florida Cracker" style with two or three bedrooms, two baths, and extensive indoor and outdoor spaces. It uses approximately half the water and electricity of a typical home. The emphasis of the house is on environmentally responsible construction without sacrificing livability.

Environmental Aspects

The design team integrated strategies for not only energy conservation, but also water conservation, use of alternative materials, and waste reduction. The Florida House highlights readily available products and methods, many of which are easily adaptable to existing Florida homes. It features cost-effective and affordable methods through "off-the-shelf" technology.

Owner & Occupancy

  • Owned by Florida House Institute for Sustainable Development

Building Programs

Indoor Spaces:

Dining, Living quarters, Restrooms

Outdoor Spaces:

Wildlife habitat, Garden—decorative


Training, Wildlife habitat, Indigenous vegetation, Water harvesting, Efficient fixtures and appliances, Graywater, Efficient lighting, On-site renewable electricity, Benign materials, Recycled materials, Local materials, Occupant recycling, Daylighting, Low-emitting materials, Indoor air quality monitoring

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Last updated: 2/5/2007

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