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Remigio Antonio Rancan

Civil engineer LEED AP BD+C

Remigio Rancan - Urban Resilience Design & Consulting


As self employed civil and structural consultant engineer i was involved in the design and construction supervision of residential and commercial buildings, also institutional and industrial types. As a LEED® AP and structural engineer i find connections and sinergies between best green practices and the capacity to face the vulnerability of built enviroment. My mission is to try to protect the sustainability choices throughout the life cycle of the building system (people and infrastructure). In other words to ensure that performance is resilient.
- Certified Expert in URBAN RESILIENCE with HAZUR ® by OptiCits Towards Resilience - Licence 20160608A;
- LEED AP® BD+C Since 2013 –Licence Credential id 10846216-AP-BD+C;
- GBC HOME® AP by GBCItalia Since 2014 Licence GBCHomeAP0014002;
- GBC HISTORIC BUILDING® AP by GBCItalia Since 2016 Licence GBCHBAP0016003;
- Health & Safety in construction activities by Engineer Association of Vicenza - Italy;
- Fire protection and prevention by Ministry of Interior of Italy since 1996 – Licence n. VI01540I00164