Very Important News

Hurricane Tests Resilient Design—and Family Dynamics

A building project brings brothers back together, but a fast-moving storm challenges the project and the family.
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New Occupational Hazard Threatens Unshod Office Workers

Whistleblowers alert state health agencies to possible foot fungus scourge in laid-back Vermont and Silicon Valley workplaces.
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ILFI Debuts Self-Help Affirmations for Existing Buildings

Outdated, inefficient buildings find a new path forward—and inward.
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Experts Warn of “Literally Deadly” Hyperbolic Feedback Loop

With headlines daily jumping the shark, scientists warn of dangers for Earth’s oceans and for humanity.
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Time to Desert the Island

A mass timber controversy compels BuildingGreen to bid a regretful farewell to its hippest and most popular event venue.
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Are Ground-Source Heat Pumps So Last Year?

GSHPs have gone mainstream, thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act, and the hippest AEC professionals are so over them.
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Houston Becomes “Bike City USA”

Building on Texas’s reputation for environmentalism, which stems from its clean grid, Houston is aiming to rival Amsterdam and become a worldwide leader in urban bicycle commuting.
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The IRA Cuts Dangerous Inflation Rates, Saving Lives

The Inflation Reduction Act has nearly eliminated bursts of overinflation, reducing serious injury to American balloon artists.
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Nuclear Power and Hydrogen: Fueling the Energy Needs of the Future and Beyond!

Pink hydrogen made using nuclear energy will provide the power of tomorrow, fueling everything from robot warehouses to flying cars.
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World’s Smartest Building Shuts Down

The Beacon of Hope, which once held the promise of making buildings and humanity better, has had to shut down due to problems with its artificial intelligence platform.
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A Mind-Expanding Addition to LEED v4.20

USGBC adds psychedelic Integrative Process prerequisites designed to be a paradigm-shifting expansion of LEED.
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Social Distancing Challenges Tiny House Clown Movement

Clowns in tiny house communities are finding challenges, and solutions, in the age of social distancing.
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