Very Important News

World’s Smartest Building Shuts Down

The Beacon of Hope, which once held the promise of making buildings and humanity better, has had to shut down due to problems with its artificial intelligence platform. Read more »

Leaked IPCC Draft Struggles with Messaging

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released part two of its Sixth Assessment Report in February—but it left out some strong feelings. Read more »

Public Demonstrations Challenge Company’s Decarbonization Efforts

Decarbonization is the new buzzword in sustainability, but efforts to lower one product’s embodied carbon are being challenged by an increasingly agitated public. Read more »

Knock Knock. Who’s There? A New Mission for Habitat

The former Habitat for Humanity now aims to bring joy in addition to housing. Read more »


“The Helix” Is Just the Tip of Amazon’s Arlington Iceberg

A subterranean portion of the structure will host thousands of workers. Read more »

Reclaimed Building Materials in the Age of COVID

Using reclaimed building materials is a great way to save resources and lower the embodied carbon of a building, but obtaining these materials has created a new set of legal and ethical challenges. Read more »

Capitol Insurrectionists Claim Sustainability Motives

“They were conducting an energy audit,” say attorneys representing dozens of alleged intruders. Read more »

Inspired by 2021 Pritzker Winner, Bjarke Ingels Renounces New Construction

News that BIG will no longer design new buildings shocks the architecture profession. Read more »

Trump Presidential Library to Feature Golf, Gambling

The new space will break with staid traditions and offer some unusual amenities. Read more »

Passive Survivability Standard Modified for Post-Pandemic Office Buildings

The threshold for demonstrating habitability during power outages just got a lot easier for office buildings in the post-pandemic era. Read more »


COVID has upended our lives, homes, and offices. It’s time to fight back with HAMMER brand biocidal antifungal nonviral germicidal disinfectant antimicrobial therapeutic (BANGDAT) sprays, coatings, and composites. Read more »