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Social Distancing Challenges Tiny House Clown Movement

Clowns in tiny house communities are finding challenges, and solutions, in the age of social distancing. Read more »

With GOOP, Green Building Explores New Depths

Gwyneth Paltrow’s offering to the sustainability world rewards projects for venerating the “cradle of civilization.” Read more »

USGBC Introduces “Greta Merch” for LEED Compliance

Stickers, cardboard cutouts, and a Revit plug-in aim to help project teams keep carbon in the forefront. Read more »

Op-Ed: I Love Vinyl! There, I Said It!

Vinyl’s quality and long-term performance shouldn’t be underestimated. Read more »

Foreign-Language HPDs: Outreach or Obfuscation?

Manufacturers claim non-English HPDs promote transparency, but critics cry foul. Read more »

Slideshow: Five Federal Buildings Evoke the Classics

The feds have announced the first projects completed under proposed new guidelines. Read more »


USGBC Embraces Legal Marijuana

LEED v4.20 introduces a wide range of cannabis-oriented prerequisites. Read more »

Award-Winning Homes Capture “Seamless Biophilia Experience”

“Immersive” Lundhjem houses recently won the Lille Arne prize from the Danish Association of Architects. Read more »

Clown Population Embraces Tiny House Movement

Clowns test the social fabric of tiny house communities while imparting valuable lessons in low-impact living. Read more »

Texas Advances Plan to Insulate Border Wall

State lawmakers are proposing a solution to keep out Mexico’s heat and reduce cooling costs for U.S. citizens. Read more »

A Concrete Phoenix Rises: Meet the Brutalist Tiny House

Two great movements—from the past and present—come together in a towable 45,000 lb. package. Read more »

Bewitching Designs Snag Coveted Resilience Awards

Self-propulsion wins the night at this year’s Rizzies, but a controversy brews. Read more »

Resilient Design Is a Big Load of Crap

Why are you taking survival advice from a bunch of pencil jockeys? It’s time to start listening to the pros. Read more »

New Level of LEED Certification Could Increase Market Uptake

It’s a win-win for winners, says Rick Fedrizzi, of the LEED Effort certification—an answer to concerns about v4’s excessive rigor. Read more »