Candace Pearson

Research Analyst

Candace Pearson takes a lead role in project management and research for BuildingGreen’s collaborative projects.

Candace recently provided project management support for an economic development project centered around green building in the tri-state region of Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. This work involved convening more than 400 stakeholders and finding the common ground to advance a shared mission—eventually resulting in the creation of a new organization, the Ecovation Hub. Whether it be executing a grand vision of sustainable economic models or producing a one-off guidance document, Candace does everything from getting a project off the ground to bringing it to a triumphant conclusion.

Holding a special place in her heart for Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), Candace believes its principles can be applied to any project. She has seen time and again that when building professionals collaborate, they create better projects. She has been a part of numerous integrative process workshops and she is currently working to execute an IPD contract for the construction of a circus trapezium in her hometown of Brattleboro, Vermont.

Candace’s responsibilities at BuildingGreen also include writing feature articles and news pieces, and she is an adept writer on topics spanning from materials and health to managing risk and liability issues. With a knack for conducting interviews, her approach is always to go directly to the experts, and she takes pride in capturing their expertise concisely.

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Guide contracted by the Commission for Environmental Cooperation: Guide to Integrated Design and Delivery (IDD)

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