Candace Pearson

Director of Consulting Services

Candace Pearson leads BuildingGreen’s consulting practice in the areas of alternative project delivery models, collaborative construction contracts, and owner representation. Candace believes that the best projects come from project teams aligned around values, and that such alignment can be reinforced by clear, artfully-crafted contracts. She has a knack for facilitating kick-off meetings and she has partnered with construction attorneys to translate learnings into contractual agreements. In 2015, she co-authored a guide on Integrated Design and Delivery funded by the Commission for Environmental Cooperation.

In addition to her consulting work, Candace is an adept writer and researcher for Her areas of expertise include resilient design, biophilia, and grid services. Articles with her byline have appeared in GreenSource Magazine, ArchDaily, and the Architectural Record.

Candace and her husband recently retrofitted a house to be all-electric with all major energy loads run during off-peak hours. If you ever want to talk duck curves, Candace is your gal.

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Co-authored Consulting Projects:

Guide contracted by the Commission for Environmental Cooperation: Guide to Integrated Design and Delivery (IDD)

White paper commissioned by American Institute of Architects: Materials Transparency and Risk for Architects

Chapter on case studies contracted by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory: Technical Feasibility Study for Zero Energy K-12 Schools - NREL