Candace Pearson

Director of Integration

With depth of thought and a broad view of the horizon, Candace Pearson can take a nuanced vision and sharpen it into focus, propelling the team around her forward. Operating in all three of BuildingGreen’s service offerings—publications, consulting, and peer networks—she finds pragmatic ways to fundamentally shift how we create our built environment.

Candace leads BuildingGreen’s consulting practice in the areas of ESG (environmental, social, governance) planning, climate adaptation and resilience, and sustainable construction. With a nose for good ideas, Candace is the person who makes bold ideas real for our clients. 

Candace is also an adept writer and researcher for Articles with her byline have appeared in GreenSource Magazine, Arch-Daily, and the Architectural Record. She also heads BuildingGreen’s Sustainable Construction Leaders Network and manages the Contractor’s Commitment program.

As Director of Integration, Candace is focused on internal initiatives to keep our revenue centers working cohesively. With a passion for integrative process, she focuses on strengthening synergies, streamlining processes, facilitating communication, and fostering collaboration.

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Co-authored Consulting Projects:

Guide contracted by the Commission for Environmental Cooperation: Guide to Integrated Design and Delivery (IDD)

White paper commissioned by American Institute of Architects: Materials Transparency and Risk for Architects

Chapter on case studies contracted by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory: Technical Feasibility Study for Zero Energy K-12 Schools - NREL