Charlotte Snyder

Customer Support Manager

Charlotte has been the lead customer service representative at BuildingGreen for 25 years. 

Having been involved in the nuts and bolts of customer service and accounting throughout various phases of the company’s development, Charlotte’s historical knowledge is immensely helpful to BuildingGreen’s staff and customers. Customers know her for careful consideration of their needs and a commitment to delivering all that BuildingGreen has to offer—with a smile.

Initially hired to manage subscriptions and provide customer support, Charlotte joined the BuildingGreen team when it only had five employees. Over the years, her responsibilities have expanded to include invoicing for campus-wide and firm-wide BuildingGreen subscribers and outreach to campuses. 

Charlotte enjoys answering questions about and LEEDuser, and strives to guide people to the specific resources that would be most valuable to them. She feels fortunate to work for a company whose work she is proud of. 

Her eclectic background includes attending art school for two years and working for a design and typesetting company. A voracious reader and film lover, Charlotte lives in Brattleboro, Vermont. She loves being involved in her community by supporting local musical and theater groups.