Fran Bellin

CEU Coordinator, Content & Data Wrangler

As BuildingGreen’s Content & Data Wrangler, Fran is a spreadsheet and content-management wiz who:

  • crunches data for our consulting team’s product vetting
  • works internally and with our education partners to manage our continuing education program
  • supports the editorial team with Drupal magic

Fran also compiles data submissions from signatories to the Contractor’s Commitment to Sustainable Design Practices.

Fran has previously held a wide range of positions in education, ranging from IT to special ed to small-group instruction, and also runs Kinetic Color Foundry, which creates 3-D printed tools for beaders and artists, fidgets and stims, and various other unique creations fueled by an ever-expanding roster of hobbies and interests. 

After living in many parts of Vermont, Fran has finally settled down in Essex, living with two cats, a small dog, spouse, adoptive brother and a growing collection of sewing machines.