Turning waste into a unique architectural product, Coldspring and Jason F. McLennan have teamed up on a new dimensional stone product.

Few others are thinking about energy audits and weatherization, but now’s a good time. Weatherization should target the biggest air leakage sites.Image Credit: U.S. Department of Energy

Cool your super-efficient jets, green building world. We still have no idea what GSA is going to do about LEED. As GSA goes, so goes the federal government? Maybe...maybe not.Photo Credit: Shalom Baranes Associates

Think you understand pressure-sensitive adhesives? Think. Again. (EDITOR’S NOTE: Do not try this at home.)

by Peter Yost

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Panelized construction, meticulous attention to energy detailing, and a sophisticated computer design system put Unity Homes at the cutting edge of home buiding.
Whole-building LCA is about to get really big in LEED and elsewhere. It's a great tool, as long as you understand its limitations.
Tedd Benson's latest initiative to reinvent home building—with lower-cost panelized construction Wall panels being fabricated at Unity Homes' Walpole, New Hampshire factory. Click to enlarge.Photo Credit: Alex Wilson


Knauf Insulation's EcoSeal can provide significant air-sealing prior to installing cavity-fill insulation Installing Knauf EcoSeal at our farmhouse. Click to enlarge.Photo Credit: Alex Wilson

Växjö, Sweden embraced the U.N's Agenda 21 and is now a model of sustainability Växjö Energi AB's wood-chip-fired CHP plant. My host is standing in front of a large steam turbine. Click to enlarge.Photo Credit: Alex Wilson

Air-to-air heat pumps are getting more popular as a primary heat source in colder climates. Here’s how to get the most from your system.

[Editor's Note: This guest post comes to us courtesy of Peter Talmage, P.E., an energy and design consultant and an instructor in the Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency program at Greenfield Community College. Originally published April 4, 2013.]

I have heated my various homes with wood since 1975. It was always a love/hate relationship. The wood fuel was “free” off my land, but burning it was a very dirty business in many ways.

Fear of Agenda 21 fuels a bill to ban sustainability planning in the state of Kansas The Konza Prairie in northeastern Kansas.Photo Credit: Bill Johnson

Climbing the learning curve in working with a new insulation material Sliding a slab of precisely cut cork insulation against a door jamb. Click to enlarge.Photo Credit: Alex Wilson

Why we chose cork exterior insulation for our net-zero-energy house

Among the innovative—some might say weird—products we’re trying out at our Dummerston, Vermont farmhouse, none is more unusual than the expanded cork insulation we’re currently installing as a layer of exterior rigid insulation.

Building complex window surrounds for a deep-energy retrofit
A definitive guide to how the federal government builds green—and why its leadership matters.

This post is the second in a series on the federal government’s use of green building certifications. Coming soon: The Hidden Beltway Lobbyists Who Shape Green Building Policy.