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  • Primers: Primers help you understand key sustainable design concepts in a concise way. They cover fascinating topics ranging from Social Sustainability to Biomimicry to Building Enclosure Commissioning.

  • Webcasts: Deepen your knowledge and get CEUs with videos and webinars, taught by the leading experts in sustainable architecture and design.

  • Spotlight Reports: These deep-dive reports cover topics from embodied carbon to lighting design. They are free with your BuildingGreen Premium membership and include continuing education credits that are automatically reported.

  • Product Guides: These guides contain our high-level, unbiased guidance on how to choose insulation (board, batt, spray foam, etc), flooring, textiles, coatings, and more.

  • News Updates: Catch up on the latest sustainability news with our up-to-date articles that cover what's really going on with developments in LEED, HPDs, EPDs, FSC, and the dozens of programs that affect the environment and health outcomes on projects. 

Don’t forget: with your Premium membership, you’ll get discounted pricing on all BuildingGreen reports, study guides, and live webinars. 

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