Live Webinar

Live Webinar - Construction Emissions: A Virtual Roundtable


The live webinar occurred on Tuesday, June 20th 2:00pm Eastern (11am Pacific)

Practitioners interested in reducing the embodied carbon of buildings are likely now used to considering the impact of different materials, like mass timber or low-carbon concrete. Low-carbon construction, however, may be less familiar. 

Contractors are just beginning to track the emissions from their job sites, and many are finding much bigger impacts than they expected. BuildingGreen’s reporting cites estimates upwards of 20% of a project’s total embodied carbon.

In this one-hour panel discussion, we will tap the leading experts on estimating and tracking construction emissions and talk about best practices for reducing this portion of a project’s carbon footprint. This webinar is for people who know something about carbon emissions and life-cycle assessments but are ready to more deeply understand and challenge the default assumptions about construction emissions. We’ll discuss things like:

  • What construction processes are major drivers of emissions?

  • Why are there different estimates about the scope of construction jobsite emissions?

  • What are some primary strategies (for both designers and contractors) to reduce construction emissions?

A brief Q&A will follow the panel discussion.