Live Webinar

Live Webinar - Selecting Optimized Products for LEED Projects

Wednesday, October 4, at 2:00pm Eastern (11:00am Pacific)

Want to optimize your product selections for health and sustainability while also earning LEED certification? This webinar is designed for you. 

Products meeting the requirements of LEED v4 BD+C and ID+C were barely available a decade ago. But since then, market forces and the introduction of LEED v4.1 in beta have largely corrected that. It’s become much easier to vet products since more and more have environmental and health disclosures. Meanwhile, “optimized” products, as defined by LEED, are ever more common.

These market changes and LEED updates are also helping project teams achieve the material-related credits when certifying under v4.1 or when substituting certain v4.1 credits on a v4 project.

This pragmatic webinar will walk you through the v4 and v4.1 versions of the three Materials & Resources credits that encourage disclosure and optimization. You’ll learn:

  • Why these credits exist and how they’ve evolved over time

  • The difference between v4 and v4.1 versions of the three credits, and which version to choose for your project

  • How to identify products that meet disclosure and optimization options

  • Which product categories to focus on, based on data tracking from actual project teams

  • How to submit your documentation

A brief Q&A will follow the presentation.

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