Study Guide and Practice Exams

WELL AP Exam Study Guide and Practice Exams

We have temporarily suspended the sale of the WELL Study Guide and Practice exams due to the WELL AP v1 exam being retired on September 19th, 2021. The WELL AP v2 exam was released, in beta form, by the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) on September 20th.

The BuildingGreen/GreenStep exam prep materials are based on the actual exam, so we won't have the new v2 Study Guide and practice exams posted until after the IWBI makes the exam available. Our materials author, Alex Spilger, will then take the new exam himself and fine-tune our practice exams and study guide. We’ll be aiming for October 2021 for re-release, but we can't guarantee that timing.

While the WELL v2 exam is being released this month in beta form, scoring for the WELL v2 exam won't be available until November, once the official passing score has been determined. In other words, professionals who take the exam in September or October will likely not receive their official score until November as IWBI works to calibrate the minimum passing score. Once the exam has been calibrated, professionals will begin receiving their scores upon completion of the exam.

Please check back with us in late October. For more information, go to the International WELL Building Institute's website here.

For those who have already purchased the WELL Study Guide and Practice Exams  v1 and haven’t yet passed the IWBI exam, it’s our understanding that the WELL v2 exam will be a substantial change from v1, so the current v1 materials you purchased won’t really help you prepare for the new test. For this reason, waiting for our new materials probably makes the most sense. (Your previous purchase will allow you to download and access all the v2 materials, when they’re available, at no additional charge.)