Solar Thermal Equipment Manufacturers

American Energy Technologies, Inc.

1057 N. Ellis Road, Unit 4

Jacksonville, FL 32254

800/874-2190 (toll-free)


904/781-1911 (fax)

Manufacturer of copper-tube flat-plate collectors.

Aquatherm Industries, Inc.

1940 Rutgers University Blvd.

Lakewood, NJ 08701

800/535-6307 (toll-free)


732/905-9899 (fax)

One of the largest manufacturers of solar pool-heating collectors. Produce unglazed polypropylene collectors.

Conserval Engineering, Inc.

200 Wildcat Road

Downsview, Ontario

Canada M3J 2N5


416/661-7146 (fax)

Manufacturer of Solarwall®low-temperature transpired solar collector for ventilation-air preheating on commercial and industrial buildings.

Duke Solar Energy, LLC

850 W. Morgan Street

Raleigh, NC 27603


919/832-3339 (fax)

Developer of Power Roof™ high-temperature parabolic-trough solar collector system integrating solar hot water, space heating, daylighting, and solar absorption cooling. Recently entered agreement with Solel Solar Systems, Ltd. (which bought the Luz technology after that company folded) for manufacturing, licensing, and distribution collaboration on full range of Solel solar technologies. The first product to be introduced will be the CPC 2000, a compound parabolic concentrator collector for high-performance residential and commercial water heating.

Fafco, Inc.

2690 Middlefield Road

Redwood City, CA 94063


650/363-2890 (fax)

Oldest manufacturer of solar water-heating equipment in the U.S.—since 1969. Manufacturer of pool-heating systems.

Heliocol USA, Inc.

927 Fern Street, Suite 200

Altamonte Springs, FL 32701


407/831-1208 (fax)

Manufacturer of unglazed, polypropylene, solar pool-heating systems.


4910 Seaport Avenue

Richmond, CA 94804


510/237-7018 (fax)

Manufacturer of flat-plate solar collectors and heat-transfer systems for domestic water heating, residential and commercial. Considered the top-of-the-line by catalog retailer Real Goods, which carries only two lines of solar water-heating systems.

Heliotrope General

3733 Kenora Drive

Spring Valley, CA 91977

800/552-8838 (toll-free)


619/460-9211 (fax)

Manufacturer of electronic controllers for solar water-heating systems since 1974. Has introduced a simple draindown system, the Solar Sidebar™, that includes a PV-powered pump, controls, and connection kit for conventional electric water heater. Collectors are sourced from other manufacturers.

Industrial Solar Technology Corporation

4420 McIntyre Street

Golden, CO 80403


303/279-8107 (fax)

Manufacturer of parabolic-trough concentrating solar collector systems for commercial and industrial water-heating applications, including absorption cooling.

Morley Manufacturing

PO Box 1540

Cedar Ridge, CA 95924


530/477-0194 (fax)

Manufacturer of storage tanks used for solar water-heating systems.

R&R Services Solar Supply

1916 Democrat Street

Honolulu, HI 96819


808/847-4938 (fax)

Manufacturer of copper-tube/absorber flate-plate collectors. Packages solar water-heating systems for sale throughout Hawaii.

Radco Products, Inc.

2877 Industrial Parkway

Santa Maria, CA 93455

800/927-2326 (toll-free)


805/928-5587 (fax)

Manufacturer of flat-plate solar collectors and complete drainback solar water-heating systems. Also produces a line of unglazed solar pool-heating systems.

Sealed Air Corporation

2322 Arden Road

Hayward, CA 94545

800/451-6620 (toll-free)


510/783-6817 (fax)

Company is primarily in the packaging business but produces a line of flat-plate solar collectors for pool heating.


World Corporate Headquarters

112 Pilbara Street, Welshpool

Western Australia 6106

+618/9458 6211

+618/9351 8034 (fax)

Australian manufacturer of thermosiphoning solar collector/tank systems. Producing solar water heaters since 1953 with installations in over 70 countries. There is currently no U.S. distributor.

SunEarth, Inc.

4315 Santa Ana Street

Ontario, CA 91761

800/776-5270 (toll-free)


909/605-5613 (fax)

Manufacturer of solar water-heating equipment since 1978. Produces flat-plate solar collectors and ICS solar water-heating systems.

Sunsiaray Solar Manufacturing, Inc.

4414 N. Washburn Road

Davison, MI 48423


810/653-9267 (fax)

Manufacturer of air-heating collector.

Sun Systems, Inc.

15716 N. 76th Street

Scottsdale, AZ 85260

800/594-9669 (toll-free)


480/998-0887 (fax)

Manufacturer of the Copper Sun™ integral collector storage (ICS) solar water heater. Designed for integration into roof, with flush-mounting and flashing detail for roofing right up to textured-glass cover plate. Offers 40-gallon and 50-gallon (150 l and 190 l) systems. Primarily pursuing builder market in the Sun Belt (not appropriate for heavy-freeze climates).

Sun Trapper Solar Systems, Inc.

12118 Radium Street

San Antonio, TX 78216

800/329-2001 (toll-free)


210/341-2652 (fax)

Manufacturer of flate-plate collectors, tanks, and heat exchangers for residential and commercial drainback solar water-heating systems. In business since 1977; manufacturing plants in San Antonio, Texas and St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands. New products include a stainless-steel tank that is resistant to liming, and a manufacturing system for site-building oversized commercial collectors.

Sun Utility Network, Inc.

626 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 711

Los Angeles, CA 90017

800/822-7652 (toll-free)


213/623-2041 (fax)

Distributor of evacuated-tube solar water-heating systems manufactured by Nippon Electric Glass. High-performance systems for residential and commercial water heating, space heating, cooling, and water pasteurization applications.

Sun, Wind and Fire

7637 S.W. 33rd Avenue

Portland, OR 97219

800/397-9651 (toll-free)


503/245-0414 (fax)

Founded in 1979, the company packages and sells solar water-heating systems, buying components from manufacturers. Primarily offers drainback systems; sold throughout the West Coast as well as abroad.

Thermal Conversion Technology

PO Box 3887

Sarasota, FL 34230


Integral collector-storage (ICS) systems with 6”-diameter (150 mm) copper pipes in glass-glazed collector; typically for solar preheating. Used extensively in Caribbean and Hawaiian hotels. Founded in 1974, the company has sold 8,000 systems of the current Progressive Tube line since introduction in 1982. Available from Real Goods.

Thermo Dynamics, Ltd.

44 Borden Avenue

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Canada B3B 1C8


902/468-1002 (fax)

Manufacturer of packaged solar water-heating system with flat-plate collector of fused copper tubing and aluminum absorber plate, conventional or PV-powered pump, thermosiphoning heat exchanger, tank, and mounting kit.


6193 Wooded Run Drive

Columbia, MD 21044


410/997-0779 (fax)

A European company with manufacturing facilities in Italy, Northern Ireland, and Wales, Thermomax makes an evacuated-tube solar collector system using heat-pipe technology to transfer heat to manifold. (Heat pipes use a phase-change fluid to effect one-way heat flow, obviating the need for complex controls.) Standard-sized tubes are ganged together to produce any size system from small residential to large commercial. Typically configured into closed-loop anti-freeze system. Recently changed from black chrome selective absorber surface to an environmentally friendly titanium nitride oxide coating from Germany.


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