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Are your clients asking you about wellness? You’re not alone. Healthy interiors and wellbeing are the trending buzzwords of sustainable design. Lighting design for circadian rhythm and water filtration methods might be on the agenda at your next client meeting.

Are you ready?

The new WELL Accredited Professional credential signifies familiarity with wellness concepts and the WELL Building Standard. Earning the credential isn’t easy. Developed by GBCI, which also runs the exacting LEED AP exam, the WELL AP exam covers tons of details you’ll need to know by heart to net a passing score.

With all that on the line, not to mention your study time and exam fee, BuildingGreen is proud to partner with GreenStep Education to offer the first WELL Accredited Professional study guide on the market—and the only one you'll need.


  • 82-page PDF study guide
  • 4 full-length online practice exams
  • 4 bonus study matrices

The best and only WELL AP study guide you’ll ever need

The key to passing any multiple choice exam is knowing exactly what to study, and just as importantly, knowing what not to study.

While other exam prep companies simply regurgitate the WELL standard, GreenStep Education, led by Alex Spilger, takes a different approach. While other exam prep resources focus on quantity, Alex focuses on quality. Our study guide and practice exams take you right to the point..

Rather than trying to commit the entire WELL standard to memory, just follow our helpful study shortcuts. We’ll show you:

  • The shortcut to keeping track of the 102 WELL features (i.e., which thresholds you need to memorize and which ones you can skip)
  • The one or two key facts for each WELL requirement you’re most likely to be tested on
  • The details of WELL language you need to memorize, and the ones you’ll be able to infer from context when taking the exam

When you purchase Alex’s study guide from BuildingGreen, you’ll get:

  • The WELL AP Exam Study Guide: 82 easy-to-digest pages of WELL details, including study tips and day-of-exam preparation
  • Four full-length practice exams, with 100 questions each. Our exam simulator gives you instant scoring and feedback on each question so you can immediately learn from your mistakes.
  • Four bonus study matrices that help you simplify the most complex topics on the exam and commit key facts to memory
  • 100% money-back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied. Use our guide and you’ll pass the exam on your first try—we guarantee it.
  • Continual updates: whenever the WELL AP exam gets updated, we update our guide and practice exams. Customers always get access to the most up-to-date version. Currently our study materials are up-to-date through June 2020.


Praise for the WELL AP Study Guide

“Alex, your study guide was a game changer. The WELL Building Standard can be really overwhelming, but GreenStep saved me a lot of study time by focusing on precisely what I needed to learn, filtering out the many extraneous details. I passed with a high score on the first try, and HOK is now using GreenStep as our go-to resource for the WELL exam!”

Mara Baum, AIA, LEED Fellow, EDAC, WELL AP, Vice President, Healthcare Sustainable Design Leader – HOK

“The GreenStep Study Guide broke the large quantity of detailed information contained within the WELL Standard into digestible chunks, reducing the time required to prepare for the exam by at least half. The practice exams were particularly helpful. The actual day of the exam was stress-free and I was pleased to score 196 out of 200. Another colleague on my team has since passed—3 of 3 so far!”

Lora Brill, WELL AP, Associate Director, JLL

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