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Great meeting everyone and very excited to work with you all.  Reminder about Tuesday night's homework assignment to support Sachin's efforts to upgrade the quality of our AE pipeline:  tell us why you got into this business.

While I was an undergraduate engineering physics major*, I had a partime job at a farm implement manufacturing... Read more

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CEUs are available for reading our entire plumbing guide. Click here to learn more and take the quiz.

Rainwater capture is increasingly important as shortages put pressure on our water systems.

BuildingGreen-Approved Rainwater Harvesting

We approve a wide range of rainwater catchment and storage systems and components,... Read more

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What are the M vs. E vs. P(FP) ratios of fee distribution you use in your company for a commercial office building?  How about a residential/hotel?


Luke Leung


Welcome to the quiz portion of Affordable Housing and Sustainable Design: The Goals are Aligned

IMPORTANT: This quiz covers all related articles within this topic. Scroll to the bottom of the article page to find links to all the articles covered by this quiz.

Learning Objectives
Upon completing this course, participants... Read more

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For my first test post I'm going to be completely boring and ask about logistics.

If we know of someone that should be part of this forum, how do we invite them? There were a couple of people that I thought were on the Wiggio who I recently found out were not. There may also be folks from our regional groups who may not have been part... Read more

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What general forums do you want (in addition to the Best Practice forums)? On LEEDuser we have "Forum quick links" in the left sidebar that cover general topics:

For example, you could have:

General questions Using

and any other category that isn't restricted to a... Read more

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Sustainable Advising Leaders Application for Peer Network Membership

Sustainable Advising Leaders peer network brings together the most committed sustainability consultants in North America and beyond. We invite you to apply for membership.

We look for the following attributes:

You are in a... Read more

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A colleague of mine from another firm is seeking a good sustainability consultant in North Carolina. I haven't done work in that part of the country so I'm wondering who you all would recommend.


Carolyn Day

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Not sure if anyone is currently looking to hire someone, but I wanted to pass along info on Bohan Zhang in case anyone might be interested.  Bohan recently graduated from the GSD's MDes Energy and Environment program.  He also has an MArch degree, and I know took a number of courses in Real Estate and Finance at both MIT and Harvard.  I had him... Read more

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Hardwood used for flooring can come from unsustainable sources, such as tropical forests and genetically engineered monoculture tree farms.

Bamboo can be harvested prematurely and unsustainably, compromising strength and quality, and this flooring is made with adhesives that can offgas into buildings.

BuildingGreen-Approved Flooring... Read more

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World: There is no way we can shut down in order to lower emissions, slow climate change and protect the environment.

Mother Nature: Here's a virus. Practice.

Who is measuring the positive environmental impact our actions are having on the environment? 

For example, there have been reductions in air pollution. If the... Read more


Welcome to the quiz portion of Measuring Energy Use in Buildings: Do Our Metrics Really Add Up?.

Learning Objectives
Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:


1. Explain the differences between site energy, source energy, and energy cost.
2. Summarize three ways in which source energy can... Read more


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Hello lovely Green Gurus. Hope you all are well. I am wondering if anyone has installed an indoor sports floor that performed well and is low-emitting. This is for a multi-purpose gymnasium at a community center. Any chance?  Thanks All!

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Please mark your calendars to join BuildingGreen and HKS for the 2018 Pre-Greenbuild SDL Show & Tell on Tuesday, Nov. 13th, 2018 from 7pm - 9:30pm at HKS, 125 S Clark Street, Chicago, IL

We will be sending out a registration link next week. Space is limited. 

Thanks to Rand Ekman and all those at HKS for opening their doors... Read more