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The Sustainable MEP Leaders peer network brings together the best and most committed sustainability directors from leading MEP design firms in North America. We invite you to join us!

Benefits Private online forum: The perfect setting to ask questions and get advice from peers on issues that affect your work. You’ll also get... Read more

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Hi Everyone!

I'm Lauren Shumaker and I'm a Project Manager/Sustainability Manager with Turner Construction.  As a long standing advocate for healthy and sustainable building materials, I look forward to expanding my ability to promote material transparency and shine a greater light on our ability to positively impact human and... Read more

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Can you comment on successful ways you have used eQUEST and pitfalls you have seen? We are considering training our architects to use it for early building analysis on all projects. 

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I’m working on a hospitality project with a large scale farm to table operation, and I am concern about land space and agricultural practices. I'm looking for someone that can advise us on how to establish good agricultural planning and practices. The project is in Utah.

Has anyone work with consultants or academic group focus on this?... Read more

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Hi everyone - we have a new higher ed client who is committed to sustainability but not very knowledgeable about current topics such as carbon (both embodied and operational) or the electrification of buildings.  I need to educate them and would like to start with some easily-digestible background reading.  But as we all know, we're a bit dorky... Read more

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Hello Sustainable Advising Leaders,

Here are the notes from the last Zoom call. We had a great turnout! Looking ahead, now that things are rolling along we’d like to get into the rhythm of a regularly scheduled monthly call. Since Tuesdays seem to work well for most people, I am proposing the 4th Tuesday of the month from 3-4pm ET. That... Read more

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Hi folks,

We often hear from you with a suggestion of someone who would be great for the network, and a question about how to refer them. We've now made that easy, with three steps laid out in an Outreach Toolkit that's posted in the left margin of the Member Directory.

So, if you're thinking of someone to invite or come across... Read more

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Depending on the model chosen, efficient electric hand dryers can carry significantly lower environmental burdens than paper towels.

BuildingGreen-Approved Hand Dryers

BuildingGreen approves high-performance electric hand dryers that are energy-efficient, fast, and convenient, with:

a maximum of 1,600... Read more

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Welcome to the quiz portion of New Concepts in LEED v4.

Learning Objectives
Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:


1. Recognize the ways in which the Integrative Process credit requires teams to analyze opportunities early in design.
2. Describe how the new Location and Transportation... Read more


Welcome to the quiz portion of What Makes a Product Green Today?

Learning Objectives
Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:

Identify and explain 30 green attributes of building products that can be used to make selections in order to increase environmental sustainability and protect the health of occupants... Read more

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Has anyone used Insight for Revit to document the LEED Daylight Credit If so, would you recommend it?



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Greenbuild bound colleagues-

I unfortunately cannot join for the summit Tuesday but should be flying in early enough to potentially join the group for dinner. Are there any plans brewing that I might join?!

Let me know? Thanks.

Katie Rothenberg

Vice President, Sustainability & Innovatio 

HITT Contracting... Read more

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Has anyone had experience working with Hyper Metro ( If so, did you find this company to provide value especially in dense urban environments where on-site segregation poses challenges to manage multiple C&D material streams on site? Hyper Metro claims to be able to provide rebates and to pay us for our trash.

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Wellness is key to sustainable design. As more and more clients understand the value of healthy built environments, designers need to understand the various wellness rating systems available, and which would meet the project's goals and needs.

WELL and Fitwel have emerged as the two leading wellness rating systems,... Read more

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Dear all,

On a major renovation where the wall R-value/U-value needs to be brought up to energy code, specifically a mass wall situation, does anyone have insights on how the situation is best dealt with? On the project in question for me, the continuous insulation might have to be added to the inside surface of the mass wall and there... Read more