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Anyone have experience with electric boilers? I think in cold climates it's perhaps the first thought when trying to reduce scope 1 emissions in an HVAC application that would have historically used gas-fired boilers... but it seems like they're only an incremental improvement compared to heat pumps / geothermal / VRF type solutions. We haven't... Read more

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Rotary Uninterruptible Power Units

Power interruptions and brief changes in voltage can damage electrical equipment, compromise computer data, shut down manufacturing, and endanger hospital patients. In the case of power outages, generators usually take over, but about 98% of all interruptions last less than ten seconds, and there is a... Read more

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Sign up now to roll up your sleeves and have fun solving real problems! April 28 from 3-5pm ET


Building deconstruction, or disassembly, is a critical strategy for carbon reduction, minimizing waste & contributing to a circular economy, yet remains a serious challenge for many reasons.

Many... Read more

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HI All,

I have been tasked with putting together a cost comparison of doing a LEED v4 Gold building vs. making that same building Passive House. Obviously they are two different systems, with two different outcomes, and it's not really intended as a total apples to apples cost comparison, but more a value comparison for a developer.... Read more

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Batt insulation is inexpensive and readily available. Most brands contain formaldehyde-free resins, so they provide decent insulation with minimal indoor air quality concerns.

Batt insulation R-values vary between 3.5 for typical mineral batt insulations to about 4 for high-density products.

Cautions Batt insulation requires... Read more

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In the next to last row of the table, add "%" between "30" and "or less"

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Hello Sustainable Construction Leaders,

It's come to our attention that although we shared the slides from last fall's all-network Show & Tell in Atlanta, we neglected to include the presentations from the SCL Summit itself. Since we believe in "better late than never," here they are!

As a reminder: we have permission from... Read more

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In the fourth bullet, revise the second sentence to read:Reconfiguration of additional existing occupied space that has been constructed with demountable partition systems is permitted. Or design for future vertical expansion on a minimum of 75% of the roof, ensuring that existing operations and service systems will be able to operate at or near... Read more

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Please use this thread for you're actions / ideas for creating more sustainable job site construction office trailers.

I know that Pepper Construction led the way with a Net Zero Construction Jobsite Trailer. (Thanks Susan Heinking!)  Is this a one off?  Any lessons learned? Any one else pursing this?  Is pepper the first and only doing... Read more

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Sustainable Construction Leaders Application for Peer Network Membership

The Sustainable Construction Leaders peer network brings together the most committed sustainability directors from leading construction companies throughout North America. We invite you to apply for membership.

The core purpose of the SCL network... Read more

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Add the following titles to Option 1 and Option 2:

Option 1. Sky Glow Measurement
Option 2. Limit Sky Glow

Revise the language under Option 2 to read as follows:

A minimum of 70% of the street lighting in the city or community should meet the requirements of Section 9. Recommendations on sky glow... Read more

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Hi: SD Leaders.  It was so nice to see so many of you at Greenbuild in Chicago. By now I'm sure all have seen the announcement of the release of the Fourth National Climate Assessment Report vol 2. ( It's well worth a deep read - so much important and extremely informative material. I want to draw your... Read more

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Announcing Sustainability Leaders Week: 2021 Summit-Palooza

Join us for a week of networking, sharing, and problem-solving! During the week of February 22–26, 2021 you can connect with sustainability leaders within your discipline as well as across the Peer Networks. We’ll create a space for you to offer support, exchange ideas and... Read more

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To piggyback off Nathan's introduction where he mentions construction waste management, who is doing anything innovative or different in managing construction waste?  Construction waste has not historically been a passion of mine, but now working in sustainability and construction, I feel like it has to be by default.  

We have a... Read more

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This pre-summit workshop was pre-approved for 6 AIA LUs and 6 GBCI CE hours.

Please complete the survey question to confirm your attendance and receive your CEUs.

By providing your credential numbers in your profile, you will enable us to automatically report these CEUs to the organization. Please check your profile to be sure... Read more


Welcome to the quiz portion of Deep Material Vetting (That Won't Chew Through Your Design Budget).

Learning Objectives
Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:


1. Align product vetting with goals that aim to mitigate occupant exposure and environmental toxicity.
2. Foster partnerships with... Read more

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CALL for applications: national COTE Leadership Group

We need you! Or the dedicated, enegetic people you know ... 

Please consider encouraging applications (or applying yourself) for the the COTE Leadership Group. 

We have 2 1-year slots this year ... plus 3 3-year slots ... and we are looking for a diverse slate (diversity... Read more