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Concrete and other cementitious materials have both environmental advantages and disadvantages. As builders and designers, should we be looking for alternatives or embracing concrete over competing materials?

This special report takes a look at how these materials are made, presents the key environmental considerations relating to their... Read more

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Hello, what acceptable levels of air quality are you using to evaluate natural ventilation strategies for your projects?  In our Living Building we only open windows when PM10, PM2.5, etc. are within LBC and WELL limits.  In a seasonally smoggy urban environment, this limits how often we can utilize natural ventilation even if the outside... Read more

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Hi Green Gurus,

A "fun" take-away from the sustainable MEP Leaders Summit (just ended today):

Inspired by Passive House, we are embarking on a campaign: "Low Load Buildings Are SEXY".

One idea we have is:  what if the AIA design awards set limits on metrics like heating loads to meet basic eligibility?

If you have... Read more

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Hi folks! I had a blast at the Show + Tell Tuesday night of Greenbuild. Thanks to Payette for hosting, and to Arrowstreet for joining Payette and BuildingGreen as sponsors. What a great way to get a "tasting-menu" Greenbuild experience!

I also caught a couple of great sessions on Friday morning. Polling others, it seems that the... Read more

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Hi Everyone,

It has been great to see the discussion forum gaining traction as a tool for us all. 

When we met for the first time at Greenbuild last year, we mentioned that one of the goals of the group was to have an annual in-person meeting where we could strategize on how to improve our roles, our companies, and the industry... Read more


As Editorial Director for BuildingGreen, Tristan Roberts brings a deep commitment to environmental stewardship, a broad knowledge about sustainable design, deep understanding of green building products, and a mastery of all things LEED. A longtime contributor of in-depth feature articles in Environmental Building News and regular reporting on... Read more

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Hello, All!  I'm hoping for your help to keep a green roof on a project of ours.  We have a large healthcare project in the Midwest that is coming in over budget.  To avoid losing our extensive green roof, I'm looking for alternate sources of funding - grants, private sources, etc.  Has anyone gone down this path before and have shareable... Read more

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HI MEP Leaders,

Related to our thread about equipment needed for decarbonization, I have a question about what new or improved equipment is already available now that you're excited about.

Every year we at BuildingGreen publish (and present at Greenbuild) a listing of the Top-10 new and exciting products. Our focus this year is on... Read more

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Hi SDL: Check out this great interview with Paul Hawken and  COTE members Gunnar Hubbard and Kira Gould. Lots of inspirational ideas about the importance of the built environment in carbon drawdown: 

Here's that link---


... Read more

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We are working on a Core & Shell project with a developer that we work with frequently. I'm looking for advice on best approaches to achieving the Whole Building Life Cycle Assessment credit- we haven't used TALLY and done this type of analysis before. What are some approaches to achieving this credit that others have found successful? I... Read more

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Untreated rainwater leaving a developed site is effectively a chemical spill, laden with pollutants that include oil, sediment, heavy metals, nitrogen, and phosphorous. The heat carried by stormwater is also harmful to fish and other aquatic organisms.

BuildingGreen-Approved Systems

We approve systems that:

are designed to... Read more


Welcome to the quiz portion of Design for Adaptation: Living in a Climate-Changing World.

Learning Objectives
Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:


1. Identify the major known causes of climate change
2. Describe the range and reliability of predicted temperature changes.
3. List... Read more


This is a test for surveys.

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The Sustainable Design Leaders peer network brings together the best and most committed sustainable design practitioners in North America. We invite you to join us!

Benefits Private online forum: The perfect setting to ask questions and get advice from peers on issues that affect your work. You’ll also get access to the cross-... Read more

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Hi all! I'm very excited to report that we have interest from a developer client in tracking embodied carbon through construction. We have issued construction documents and the construction managment team is begining the process to establish the GMP.

We're looking to use EC3, and/ or ZGF's LCA analysis tool for concrete to look at how we... Read more