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Signage is not always sustainability experts’ top priority, but it is a highly visible aspect of the built environment, and its impacts can add up.

BuildingGreen-Approved Signs

Approved products have:

a high percentage of recycled or salvaged content a low-impact base material no PVC or polycarbonate energy-efficient lighting... Read more

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Hi folks,

It came up on the Regional Leaders call this week that many people aren't aware that we added a link to the BuildingGreen Communities in footer of So if you want an easy way to get to the forum page, other than clicking on a link in an email, there it is! (Thank you, Stephen Endy!)

The footer has a... Read more

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Hi Everyone,

HKS is looking for an energy analyst & systems design engineer for our Dallas office. If you know anyone that might be interested and qualified for this position, please send them our way!


Ellen... Read more

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Hi folks,

Our next private webinar is coming right up:

Fusion of Design + Performance: How Payette Was Recognized As AIA Firm of the Year

Tuesday, February 12, 1:00 pm EST

Payette is the first AIA Firm Award recipient to have been nominated jointly by the Committee on Design and Committee on the Environment. Z Smith... Read more

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Hi All,

Has anyone dug into ASHRAE 2016 as part of the new v4.1 requirements or as codes start to adopt it? I recently presented on this and thought I should check my math to make sure I'm understanding and communicating this correctly.

My understanding is that there is a new reference baseline, that is essentially the ASHRAE 2004... Read more

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Metal roofs can also provide high solar reflectance, minimizing a building’s contribution to the urban heat island effect. 


Materials and finishes recognized by Energy Star maintain solar reflectance levels after three years of use of 50% for low-slope and 15% for steep-slope. Some unpainted metals and many... Read more

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Hey Gurus. Might anyone have experience, or thoughts, with regard to establishing an energy use baseline for a new advanced manufacturing facility we are working on for a regional technical community college? This type of academic facility is so relatively new, the program doesn't fall into the typical "College/University" building type from ... Read more


Welcome to the quiz portion of Ten Strategies for Growth in a Recession.

Learning Objectives
Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:


1. Understand the importance of diversifying.
2. Restate the benefits to doing energy-modeling analysis very early in the design process.
3. Discuss how... Read more


This summit was pre-approved for 10 AIA HSW LUs and 10 GBCI CE hours.

Please complete the survey question to confirm your attendance and receive your CEUs.

By providing your credential numbers in your profile, you will enable us to automatically report these CEUs to the organization. Please first check your profile to be sure your... Read more


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We are hiring! Please share with any potential talented and passionate candidates.

ps. And, yes we recently rebranded for our 40th anniversary for those who may be confused :) 

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Nice brief article on how to talk to clients about materials transparency. It was the right level of information to send out to the office at large. Kudos to Lona and Ralph for your contribution.

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Dear SDL: Thanks to all who have already given their support to the AIA Resolution on Urgent and Sustained Climate Action. We're into the final push of getting out the vote to pass the resolution next Wednesday, June 5th afternoon in Las Vegas. This requires 2/3s of the voting delegates to pass. So we're asking anyone who 1) is attending as a... Read more

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Hello! i had in my notes that the group interested in jobsite wellness was going to schedule a call mid-January.  I don't remember who was leading the effort.  does anyone have a list of who is on what committee?


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Peer Networks

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Learn from your peers. Share your challenges. Expand your perspectives. Leave with new tools and tips.

The SDL Summit is designed to engage Sustainable Design Leaders in a conversation about their common roles, interests, concerns, and initiatives related to sustainability and the practice of architecture. These... Read more