Product Review

Stormwater Biofiltration That’s Also Smaller and Cheaper

Maximizing principles of low-impact development, FocalPoint offers biological stormwater treatment for streetscapes, parking lots, and other tight spaces.

Raingardens, bioswales, and constructed wetlands are all hallmarks of low-impact development (LID), which mimics natural hydrology in order to manage stormwater quality and runoff rates. Since its development in the early 1990s in suburban Maryland, LID has been slowly gaining ground in green projects—and we mean that literally, since natural stormwater treatment can take up a lot of space.

FocalPoint, distributed by Convergent Water Technologies, aims to provide the performance of natural stormwater treatment with a much more compact footprint. Like its older cousin Filterra, from Filterra Bioretention Systems, the system includes an engineered biofiltration medium (Element1) developed by LID godfather Larry Coffman; unlike Filterra, FocalPoint is installed inside a geotextile liner instead of a concrete chamber, lowering first cost and making it workable for more projects.

Published June 29, 2014

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