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Sustainability Leaders Week: 2021 Summit-Palooza

February 22–26, 2021


Announcing Sustainability Leaders Week: 2021 Summit-Palooza

Join us for a week of networking, sharing, and problem-solving! During the week of February 22–26, 2021 you can connect with sustainability leaders within your discipline as well as across the Peer Networks. We’ll create a space for you to offer support, exchange ideas and resources, and become stronger, more effective change agents. For those familiar with our usual summits, this will preserve some of the elements you’re used to but add new twists.

What makes this different from all those other virtual conferences and events? This week is highly interactive. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to work with your peers to uplift each other, collaborate on solutions, and move the industry forward.

It may look like a packed agenda for the week but not everyone will participate in every session. Join the sessions you choose, based on your interests and your schedule. Specific topics have not yet been determined. As we plan the sessions we will find out what’s top of mind for you, and build sessions around those priorities.

There will be five different types of sessions:

  • Opening and Closing - We’ll begin and end the week all together. We’ll start by setting the tone and orienting ourselves, and end with a review of the week, looking at next steps, and closing out our time together.
  • Peer Network Sessions - Each network will have the opportunity to engage with their peer group. We’ll focus primarily on forging connections and peer consulting.
  • Working Group Workshops - A chance to check in with working groups established this past summer, see their progress, and offer feedback. Each workshop will start with an update from the working group, move into breakouts to discuss thoughts and responses, and reconvene to share back with the group.
  • Integrative Design Jams - Each of these sessions will be open to members of all networks and will focus on challenges that require cross-disciplinary solutions. These jams will use breakout groups to identify, prioritize, and offer solutions to challenges related to each topic throughout the entire design and construction process.
  • Happy Hours - We’ve heard your requests! Each happy hour will review the events of that day as well as offer a chance for more organic conversations and networking.

If it is helpful to share a PDF with your firm leadership to get funding you’re welcome to share this one.

We welcome any other questions or comments, and we hope to see you online in February!


February 22–26, 2021

We’re offering one ticket for the week, which includes as many sessions as you’d like to attend, at the low price of $349. However, we recognize that this is a challenging time. We want everyone to be able to join us, so if this fee poses a financial hardship for you, please reach out to RoseAnn directly,

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