Certified Wood Update: Comparing SFI to FSC on Key Forestry and Health Issues Video, 56 minutes

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FSC-certified wood is ingrained in green building rating systems like LEED and the Living Building Challenge, but rival SFI has a revised standard. Can it prove it’s just as good on the issues that matter most?

Does SFI merely provide cover for business as usual? Or, is it a standard designers can rely on for the most important metrics?

This debate isn’t going away: despite the perception that wood is a natural and “green” building material, and a recent revival in structural timber use, supporting destructive forestry is anything but green. Habitat destruction, rampant chemical use, and timber harvests from resource extraction like tar sands development are putting problematic timber in our supply chain.

In this members-only webcast, BuildingGreen's Executive Editor Tristan Roberts reviews the key FSC and SFI standards, plus:

  • Recent developments on Plum Creek’s SFI certification in Oregon
  • Information from auditors and foresters
  • Guidance on how we can make informed choices using labels and other information


Tristan is editor of LEEDuser.com, a website that provides how-to resources for LEED certification teams. Tristan is also Executive Editor for BuildingGreen, publishers of LEEDuser as well as Environmental Building News, GreenSpec, and BuildingGreen.com.