Everyday ESG: Real People Share How It’s Done , 59 minutes

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ESG is the hottest acronym in green building right now. But let’s face it: most people are flying by the seat of their pants.

Most—but not all.

Four experts representing design, construction, and consulting firms will come together during this virtual roundtable to share their field notes and lessons learned. These folks spend every day striving to match high ideals with the real world. You’ll hear how they’ve learned to:

  • Develop and maintain ESG programs in their own firms
  • Track and report progress on ESG goals, including decarbonization targets
  • Align clients’ ESG programs with specific sustainability goals at the project scale
  • Manage ESG-related risks that inevitably arise

If you’re an ESG-savvy professional yourself, tune in for pro tips. But if you’re still learning or are struggling to get your colleagues up to speed, clear your calendar: this conversation is going to be indispensable.

A brief Q&A will follow the panel discussion.

This is your chance to learn

  • The ways in which ESG frameworks both intersect with and diverge from the sustainability frameworks commonly used by the building industry

  • How to manage the data and communication required to achieve ESG goals and improve the environmental and social performance of the firm

  • Ways to leverage sustainability and ESG know-how to help projects meet specific environmental and social targets and better protect communities, building occupants, and other project stakeholders

  • Optimization of ESG and sustainability programs to achieve specific environmental and social outcomes in practice