LEEDuser Coffee Talk: The Future of LEED and Green Building Video, 30 minutes

What lies ahead for LEED v5 and for green building more generally? This 30-minute chat explores the trends on the horizon. We take a look at the biggest issues facing the industry, including how social equity fits into green building, how big a driver ESG will be, and how we can fight climate change and adapt to it at the same time.



Claudia is a sustainability consulting professional focused on decarbonizing the building sector. She is fueled by a fierce attachment to place and gratitude for the people who are stewards of our beloved places. She helps clients develop impactful climate programs and design solutions that promote equity and accessibility, and improve the resilient and adaptive capacity of our communities and natural systems.  Claudia has expertise in corporate sustainability, GHG emissions inventory and reporting, green building / high-performance building design, building certification for sustainability and wellness, and embodied carbon assessment. 

Zach is a senior associate at WSP USA, where he leads sustainability consulting.

Paula brings passion, humor, and discernment to all her writing and speaking. Whether it’s her latest spotlight report, a popular Greenbuild session, or a custom workshop for a group of manufacturers, she’s ferociously committed to truth, accuracy, and thoroughly knowing her  stuff. Paula manages ongoing content development and publications. She has been a speaker at the AIA Conference on Architecture, Greenbuild, and many other venues.