Top 10 Products To Transform the Building Industry in 2017 Video, 37 minutes

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For the past 15 years, BuildingGreen has recognized green building products that significantly improve upon standard “business-as-usual” practices.

These products help transform the industry by conserving energy and water, reducing emissions, and fundamentally changing how we approach our building systems. In this presentation of Top Ten products for 2017, BuildingGreen’s products and materials specialist, Brent Ehrlich, tackles some of our most challenging green building problems and finds innovation solutions across the board.

Solutions include products that avoid common applications of toxic chemicals, including treated wood and batteries for renewable energy systems. There’s an innovative ventilation product that provides fresh air, taking its cue from submarine technology. There are products for the building envelope and for dramatic water savings in bathrooms, and more.

Throughout this presentation, Ehrlich highlights products that reduce energy and water consumption, increase ingredient transparency, reduce material toxicity, and improve the overall environmental impact of our buildings.


Brent serves as products editor at BuildingGreen, where he researches and writes about green building products, materials, and their health and environmental impacts. He also leads a team of editors who select industry-leading products for the company’s green building product database. A LEED AP BD+C, he has been researching and writing about green building for nearly a decade, but has also taught college composition, copy edited science journals, worked as a carpenter, managed a large commercial kitchen, and held various other occupations. An active runner and cross-country skier, Brent lives in Vermont with his wife and two children.