Philadelphia’s Navy Yard is achieving robust economic development while demonstrating a wide variety of energy innovations One of the restored, historic buildings at The Navy Yard that serves Urban Outfitters.Photo Credit: Alex Wilson

Producing ethanol from corn is a bad idea not only because of the poor energy return on investment (EROI), but also because of the impact it is having on ecosystems in the Midwest

Microtherm's vacuum insulation panel

For insulating our buildings, vacuum insulation panels may not be cost-effective, but they will become common in other applications Microtherm's vacuum insulation panel, with a microporous substrate covered with an impermeable aluminum skin. Click to enlarge.Photo Credit: Microtherm

With the need for BECx rising, the industry is working to train designers and other specialists to do the job.


Owens Corning’s entry into the mineral wool insulation market with the purchase of Thermafiber, promises a higher profile for this insulation material

by Alex Wilson

I recently reported that a new mineral wool insulation product from Roxul can be readily used in place of foam-plastic insulation materials like polystyrene in certain applications.

Urea formaldehyde foam insulation (UFFI) has been out of the spotlight, but going into a lot of buildings—often being referred to as Amino Foam.

In working on major updates and expansions to The BuildingGreen Guide to Insulation, we’ve had an opportunity to dig into some of the insulation products out there that you don't hear so much about. Some of what we’re found has been surprising.

Installing a Mitsubishi air-source heat pump in our new house The indoor unit of our Mitsubishi minisplit heat pump. Click to enlarge.Photo Credit: Alex Wilson


LED light quality is still not very good, but a new California standard could change that, and prevent another CFL-style consumer rejection.
Viridian tropical hardwood decking is reclaimed from shipping materials—and it should last decades Installing Viridian decking on our front porch. Click to enlarge.Photo Credit: Alex Wilson

The United Nations, climate change, and resilient design: a day at the U.N. World Habitat conference The UN assembly hall where we met. Click to enlarge.Photo Credit: Alex Wilson

A would-be HVAC designer wonders if a ductless mini-split head can be hidden in a closet and connected to conventional ductwork.

This post by Scott Gibson first appeared on Green Building Advisor.

LED lighting has come a long way in a very few years and can now fully supplant incandescent and fluorescent technology Cree's new CR6 LED downlight for recessed cans.Photo Credit: Cree

Managing moisture as intensely as we manage energy is key to building durability and indoor air quality (IAQ)

WUFI doesn’t kill buildings. Poor design, specification, and workmanship kill buildings.
A three-unit condominium project under construction in Brooklyn is one of many Passive House projects that are springing up in the Borough The unit on the right, constructed of ICFs, is expected to achieve Passive House certificationPhoto Credit: Alex Wilson

With EarthCraft certification being a requirement, energy performance of homes in Serenbe is relatively good; transit options being planned will also help save energy.