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Interview with a Nanotubes Distributor

I tagged along with Tristan Korthals Altes, top-notch managing editor of Environmental Building News, on an interview with a global distributor of carbon nanotubes who just happens to be located in our little Vermont town. Tristan's working on a feature story on nano technology for the newsletter, and it's shaping up to be quite something to anticipate. I put together a quick seven-minute edit of the recorded interview with Mike Foley of, in which he gives his take on what nanotubes are good for; what they look like; potential health effects; how nanotubes are made; the business he's in; what they cost; the past, current, and future marketplace of nanotubes; and how nanotubes can play the guitar solo from "Layla." This post isn't an endorsement or a representation of BuildingGreen's position on anything or anyone; it's just a brief presentation of some perspectives of a colorful guy in an interesting field. Download or stream:

Published February 19, 2008

(2008, February 19). Interview with a Nanotubes Distributor. Retrieved from

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