Case Study

Showcase Office for World Resources Institute

In April 1999 the World Resources Institute (WRI) in Washington, D.C. moved into new office space at 10 G Street, Northeast, near Union Station. WRI had a strong commitment to creating an office that reflects the organization’s mission and values. To this end, they wanted an office that was energy-efficient, healthy, and conducive to collaboration. They also made it a priority to use materials that are ecologically sound and showcase the work of companies leading the way towards sustainability. The offices were designed by HOK’s Washington office, with Sandra Mendler as senior designer and Rick Moy as project manager.

The overall office layout is designed in an increasingly popular “inside-out” approach, with the private offices in the core and the open spaces on the perimeter. This approach greatly increases the availability of daylight to the open workstations and helps de-emphasize the hierarchical relationship between those with private offices and those without.

Published November 1, 1999

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