EBN Is Now The BuildingGreen Report

We have a new name, but we’re maintaining our focused reporting and green building guidance.

Image: BuildingGreen, Inc.
As of January 2017, we’ve changed the name of our flagship publication to match the name of our company. Environmental Building News is now The BuildingGreen Report. With the change, we’re staying focused on the reporting you depend on and giving you one less brand to keep track of.

In 1985, Alex Wilson saw the need for a company that would translate technical information on energy efficiency and other environmental topics to the public and to building professionals.

Working at first out of a timber-framed barn in Vermont, Alex later brought on Nadav Malin, and together they launched Environmental Building News in 1992. Pre-dating the U.S. Green Building Council by one year and LEED by several, EBN (as it’s been affectionately called by its fans) became the bible of the emerging green building movement, quickly finding subscribers in all 50 states and around the globe.

BuildingGreen’s publications now reach more than 20,000 readers annually and are relied upon by students and professionals at more than 200 architectural firms and campuses that provide unlimited access.

We’ve been online since early in our history, and since 2000 our guidance has been available at our current website domain, BuildingGreen.com. We also frequently communicate with our readers through an email bulletin that goes out under the BuildingGreen name.

Changing our publication name to The BuildingGreen Report recognizes a couple of things that have changed since 1992:

  • Most of our readers now know us for our BuildingGreen website and email newsletter, so it makes sense to change the name of our monthly issue and PDF download to reflect that.
  • Most of our effort goes into in-depth reporting, analysis, and real-world guidance on the most critical issues in sustainable and healthy buildings for architects and designers. We’re not just providing a skim of the news; we’re providing a trusted report that our readers can’t get elsewhere.

A quick note for the librarians out there: the volume and issue numbers for The BuildingGreen Report will take the baton in sequence from EBN, with January 2017 as Volume 26, Issue 1. The ISSN remains the same.

We hope that all our readers will come along for the ride, as many of you have since the beginning. Please contact us if you have any feedback. Enjoy this month’s awesome issue!

Published January 4, 2017

Roberts, T. (2017, January 4). EBN Is Now The BuildingGreen Report. Retrieved from https://www.buildinggreen.com/op-ed/ebn-now-buildinggreen-report

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January 4, 2017 - 3:48 pm

Makes good sense!