Integrative Process

Photo: Sasaki


It’s the close collaboration between singer and songwriter that yields the best songs. The building industry is like that too: the best results are achieved when those who determine success are there to influence the project during its creation.

Depending on the design project, that could include the owner, contractor, trades, or even key product suppliers. Some complex issues are forcing this type of interdisciplinary collaboration to happen organically—like the health and transparency documents that are getting product manufacturers and design teams talking.

Here we’ll highlight processes and structures that break down the siloes between the disciplines—without letting things devolve into chaos.

  • The Building Envelope: Innovations in Planning, Materials and Budgets


    Alex Wilson, founder of BuildingGreen and director of the Resilient Design Institute, recently completed a zero-energy retrofit of an old Vermont farmhouse. In this webcast, Alex and his designer-builder, Eli Gould, review their nuts-and-bolts experiences and lessons learned with innovative products and systems, with a focus on the building envelope.

  • Building as an Organism: Understanding the Integrative Process Credit in LEED v4 Projects


    What does integrative process mean in practice? In this webcast, John Boecker—a LEED Fellow who was intimately involved in writing LEED v4's Integrative Process credit—walks you through what the IP credit to take advantage of its opportunities…and engage in a process that yields far better building performance than conventional means.