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Biomimicry Guild, HOK in Alliance

“The alliance between HOK and the Guild is an incredible opportunity,” said biologist Dayna Baumeister, Ph.D., co-founder, along with naturalist and author Janine Benyus, of the Biomimicry Guild. “In the built environment it’s all about producing habitat conditions that are conducive to life,” she explained. “And life out there is constantly working on creating habitat conditions that are conducive for all the organisms that are co-inhabiting a particular space.” Baumeister said that biomimicry would help HOK examine numerous aspects of the built environment, from overall land-use impacts to gathering water, generating energy, and moving people.

Mary Ann Lazarus, AIA, sustainable design director for HOK, said that the firm had worked with the Biomimicry Guild several times in the past, including collaborating on HOK’s entry in the History Channel’s 2008 “City of the Future” competition. The two groups formalized their alliance in April 2008 but waited a few months before announcing it to be able to discuss specific projects.

Published November 24, 2008

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