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British Columbia Insurers Question Green Roofs

Green roof advocates and developers in British Columbia recently came into conflict with warranty insurers and HPO when some insurers declared they would not insure green roofs on residential buildings until they knew more about their long-term reliability. “When [green roofs] began to be mandated for residential construction,” said HPO CEO Ken Cameron, “we checked with the warranty providers, and only one of them was willing to provide insurance for green roofs.”

In a letter sent to municipalities outlining insurers’ concerns, HPO argued that in condominium buildings, maintenance of the roof falls under the authority of the condominium association, rather than any individual, and the roof might not receive the attention it needs. The letter warned municipalities that requiring green roofs could lead to conflicts with insurers unwilling to cover the roofs; without warranty insurance, the projects could not be built.

Published June 7, 2007

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