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Clinton, Large Cities Group, Act on Global Warming

In an August 2006 announcement, Clinton promised to apply the same “business-oriented approach” that his foundation has used to help make HIV/AIDS treatment more accessible and to take sugary drinks out of U.S. schools. The initiative will create a purchasing consortium to lower the prices of energy-saving products and technologies for participating cities, it will help provide technical expertise to those cities, and it will deploy measurement tools and systems to help cities establish a baseline understanding of their emissions and to measure the effectiveness of efforts to reduce emissions. Ira Magaziner, Clinton’s former chief Internet policy advisor, was tapped to head CCI, and, according to

The New York Times, the project has received major donations from entertainer Barbra Streisand, news magnate Rupert Murdoch, and investor Anson Beard, Jr.

Published August 29, 2006

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