News Analysis

Cool Programs at Interface Offset Emissions

October 1, 2003

As EBN readers know, Interface has gone a long way in greening their operations since the mid-1990s. The company acknowledges, however, that sustainability remains a long way off. “Ninety percent of the emissions associated with the life cycle of our products occur outside our manufacturing process,” according to Interface chairman Ray Anderson.

Cool Carpet is an effort to mitigate the emissions that result from all parts of a carpet’s life cycle—from the extraction of raw materials to disposal at the end of its life. When a customer specifies Cool Carpet, Interface funds greenhouse-gas reduction projects estimated to offset the climate damage caused by the carpet. Cool Carpet is standard on the Interface i2™ collection and available, for an additional charge of up to 20¢/yd2 (24¢/m2), on any other Interface, Bentley, Prince Street, or Heuga products made in the U.S., the U.K., or the Netherlands.