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Developments at Gridcore

The Nihon Cement Company will help Gridcore refine its U.S. manufacturing technology, while simul-taneously establishing markets for the product in Japan. Mr. Hideki Nishikido, general manager of Nihon’s U.S. operations, said that “Gridcore’s low density, high bending strength, and recycled content give it features which are very attractive to the Japanese market.”

Another exciting development for Gridcore is the company’s new relationship with Weyerhaeuser. Weyerhaeuser’s Building Materials Distribution Business will distribute Gridcore throughout North America. Weyer-haeuser operates 42 wholesale distribution centers in the U.S. and seven in Canada serving contractor retail yards, home centers, and industrial/millwork accounts. The association with Weyerhaeuser could also help on the resource end of Gridcore’s operation, because Weyerhaeuser operates 40 recycling centers throughout North America, collecting three million tons (2.7 million tonnes) of office wastepaper and corrugated cardboard each year—that’s over 16 million pounds (7 million kg) per day! Weyerhaeuser could help ensure a steady long-term supply of raw material for Gridcore.

Published March 1, 1997

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