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Energy Simulation Packages Updated

Autodesk, which dominates the market for building design software with its AutoCAD and Revit products, released new pricing for the Ecotect software that the company purchased last year from its creator, Andrew Marsh (see EBN Aug. 2008). Ecotect is no longer sold for single users—it is available only through a network license that sells for $3,995 with an optional $725 annual subscription for updates and customer service. The big news is that the annual subscription now includes use of Autodesk’s Green Building Studio web-based energy modeling service, which previously cost $4,995 per year.

Both Ecotect and Green Building Studio are best suited for quick feedback on design options explored before the design is fully developed. “Ecotect stands alone in its ability to represent complex analysis results in a way that is easy for people to understand,” claims Kyle Bernhardt, industry product manager for Building Engineering at Autodesk. Green Building Studio runs on the more robust DOE-2 simulation engine to handle more complex analyses. For verifying the compliance with codes or standards later in the design process, Autodesk directs users to third-party solutions, such as eQuest.

Published April 29, 2009

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