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Interface to Recycle Nylon Carpet Fiber into Fiber

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Recycling old carpet into new is a major focus of the carpet industry, but most post-consumer recycled carpet currently enters new carpet through carpet tile backing, a heavy composite material. Pure nylon face fiber is usually virgin material, and Shaw Industries has so far been the only carpet manufacturer to claim the ability to recycle old nylon fiber into new, with a depolymerization process for nylon 6 that is coming online this year, after several false starts under other ownership, at its Evergreen plant (see


Vol. 16, No. 6).Although taking a different approach than Shaw, Interface, in partnership with fiber manufacturer Universal Fibers, claims that it has a manufacturing process that will put post-consumer nylon 6,6 fiber into InterfaceFLOR’s commercial carpet tiles, reclaiming nylon fiber from broadloom and carpet tile.

Published July 10, 2007

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