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Knoll Gains Chain-of-Custody Certification

“All of our standard furniture lines are available with FSC wood,” reports Lou Newett, Knoll’s manager of environmental health and safety. The upcharge for specifying this option is minimal on large jobs, according to Newett. Knoll is currently delivering a multimillion-dollar project with FSC-certified wood. Using the FSC’s percentage-based claims rules, Knoll can label products as certified as long as 70% of the wood in the overall job is certified. On large jobs it can be hard to procure enough solid lumber or veneer, Newett reports, so they make up the difference with certified composite core materials. Knoll currently has no products for which FSC-certified wood is used by default, due to difficulties in procuring the quantity of wood they would need.

Published March 1, 2003

(2003, March 1). Knoll Gains Chain-of-Custody Certification. Retrieved from