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NAIOP Study Shows that Saving Energy Takes Know-How

After modeling a baseline building meeting the requirements of ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2004, the authors added energy-saving features to try to reach 30% and 50% energy savings with paybacks of under ten years. Over 40 versions of 13 features were studied, but only eight are mentioned in the final report, among them reduced lighting loads, air sealing, high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment, increased insulation, and decreased glazing ratios. The authors concluded that the largest energy savings possible with the specified payback was 23% in the Chicago building, 21.5% in Baltimore, and 15.8% in Newport Beach.

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Published March 26, 2009

Wendt, A. (2009, March 26). NAIOP Study Shows that Saving Energy Takes Know-How. Retrieved from