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New Orleans Principles Published

The New Orleans Principles. This 28-page report, edited by Alex Wilson and designed by Julia Jandrisits of BuildingGreen, Inc., is a collection of ten key principles to guide the planning and reconstruction efforts following Hurricane Katrina in a manner that embraces environmental, social, and economic priorities.

The charrettes were organized by Bill Browning, Hon. AIA, of Browning + Bannon, LLC, in Washington, D.C.; Mary Ann Lazarus, AIA, and Bill Odell, AIA, of HOK in St. Louis; Ralph Bicknese, AIA, of hellmuth + bicknese architects in St. Louis; and Martha Jane Murray, AIA, of Little Rock on behalf of the U.S. Green Building Council and a half-dozen chapters of the Council. They addressed four issues: New Orleans Planning, Green Communities, Affordable Housing (with Habitat for Humanity International), and Sustainable Schools. The charrettes were very different, but each included about 40 individuals, with significant representation from New Orleans and the larger Gulf Coast region.

Published January 1, 2006

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