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New Tool Compares VOC Content of Coatings for Product Selection

Healthy Building Network’s CompAIR calculator allows you to compare the total VOCs of wet-applied coatings based on coverage and other factors.

Estimating the total amount of VOCs from a wet-applied coating used on a job is difficult, but the Healthy Building Network’s recently released CompAIR VOC calculator should make the process easier. Located on HBN’s Pharos website, CompAIR gives design teams a tool for calculating total VOCs and the ability to compare that number against numbers for other coating options.

Getting the full story

“We created this calculator in order to give people an easier way to compare products,” said Sarah Lott, researcher at Healthy Building Network. “We found that just looking at reported VOC content from manufacturers doesn’t always give you the full story.”

Published November 30, 2015

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