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SPI Green Firm Certification Goes National

Through its Sustainable Performance Institute (SPI), the Boston-based Green Roundtable (GRT) has produced a new “green” certification for design and construction firms. The program recognizes firms that have the institutional capacity to deliver consistent, high-quality sustainability services and projects. Recently piloted in the Boston area and now available nationally, it includes 64 required credits and 15 optional credits that provide a roadmap for further improvement.

Tova Greenberg, director of business development at GRT, explained to

EBN that the goal of the program is to provide top firms with a mechanism to differentiate themselves while helping other firms assess and address gaps in their sustainability capacity. The certification process includes an initial assessment, internal and external surveys, and an audit that assesses specific projects and documentation of credit compliance. The entire process can take from three months to one year, giving firms time to fill in gaps. Successful firms are designated “Green Firm Certified.” Following certification, firms participate in an annual “spot check” for two years, and in the third year the certification process is repeated. Firms that fulfill the criteria but need more time to collect sufficient data will earn “Provisional Certification,” which is reevaluated in six months.

Published January 27, 2011

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