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"What About Air Krete?" A Deeper Look at the Insulation Alternative

The foamed magnesium oxide cement is often seen as a blue-ribbon contender for least-toxic insulation. But the manufacturer falls short in providing key metrics.

When discussing the challenges of finding a healthy, high-performing, affordable product amongst today’s insulation materials—and in particular, in confronting the environmental performance of spray polyurethane foam (SPF)—we are often asked, “What about Air Krete?”

Going back to 1997 (see “Air Krete: Foam Without Plastics”), EBN has generally endorsed the use of Air Krete, with some caveats. On the plus side, it insulates about as well as other common fibrous insulation materials (at about R-3.7 per inch); is spray applied and flows into small voids particularly well; and, most notably, is primarily inorganic cement, containing no flame retardant chemicals, and being inert to insects, fire, and moisture.

Published April 2, 2014

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