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Hi Everyone!

I'm Emily, GCI General Contractor's Sustainability Manager in San Francisco. Nice to meet you all.

I started with the company in 2013 and since then we've doubled in employees. I have been handling sustainability solo, until about 8 months ago, when we hired Alejandra Arce Gomez full-time to help manage the... Read more

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Currently, the BIT User site is fully accessible without having to log in (unless you want to edit or add content, of course). The time has come, however, to start restricting access only to logged-in users.

Which sections will be freely visible, and which will be visible only to registered users? Here's what I recall from our earlier... Read more

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I'm loving the winning projects this year--congratulations to everyone who participated in making them so great! 

(In case you missed the announcement, here's our slideshow on BuildingGreen, and here are the winners with all the details on


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Hi all,

Our team has been working hard to wrap up this year's SCL Summit Report, and we're excited to announce that it is finally complete!

In addition to the usual summary of key points from the summit, this report captures... Read more

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Hello Everyone!

Please mark your calendars and stay tuned for more information regarding an All Peer Networks 2020 Summit Season Closing August 10th, 3-5pm ET (Noon-2pm PT).

Register HERE to get it on your calendar! The staff at BuildingGreen are looking forward to planning a fun and engaging cross-network event focused on this... Read more


Welcome to the quiz portion of Certified Wood: How SFI Compares to FSC.

Learning Objectives
Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:


1. Describe how forestry standards engage with pesticide use, protection of old growth forests and forest biota, and prevention of deforestation.
2. Discuss... Read more

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BuildingGreen helps architects, designers and other sustainability professionals make their projects greener and healthier.

Since 1985, BuildingGreen has been the trusted source on healthy and sustainable design and construction strategies. We support building professionals with membership... Read more

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Using energy for cooling during peak hours places a large demand on utilities, is expensive, and can be less efficient than off-peak energy production.

BuildingGreen-Approved Thermal Energy Storage

BuildingGreen lists a variety of  thermal energy storage systems.


Off-peak cooling, or thermal energy storage (TES), is... Read more

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Hi All- I'm posting this question for my ZGF colleague Chris Chatto.  Somehow he wasn't initially included on the SDL list as it moved from Wiggio to BuildingGreen's (Green Gurus) site.  Happy New Year, Lona

Hi everyone –

We could use your help in developing a determining a “red list” premium for a feasibility cost... Read more

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Hi all, 

I just wanted to post a quick message to introduce myself to the group. My name is Jeff Geisinger, and I'm an architect with Utile in Boston. We're a 50-ish person firm with a pretty broad project base, including affordable multifamily housing, institutional buildings, commercial interiors, and urban planning/public realm work... Read more

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Another Break-out by Firm Size.

Guiding Questions:

SDL Best Practices by Firm Size

What's working and what's not? How are others integrating successes?

What strategies are effective in each of these areas: ongoing education, research, knowledge sharing?

How can we structure our green team across... Read more

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I'm putting together information on natural gas bans (or put another way, all electric buildings) for an advocacy effort and looking for some experts. Anyone have thoughts on banning natural gas and other fossil fuels on residential projects? Specifically what are the considerations/challenges/opportunities at each scale (single family, low... Read more

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Good evening,

I am looking for suggestions to replace"wood" siding at the 25-year-old Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies and as always there is no solution that does it all. There seem to be three main options: wood, composition siding, or fiber cement siding. I am looking for something with low embodied carbon, little maintenance,... Read more

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Ventilation fans, kitchen range hoods, and laboratory fume hoods can use significant amounts of energy from both the fan motor and from venting heated/cooled air out of the building—air that then has to be replaced and conditioned by energy-intensive HVAC systems.

BuildingGreen-Approved Ventilation Fans

BuildingGreen ventilation... Read more

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