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We are looking for someone early in their career to take over our green building certifications (mostly LEED).  They will also be helping our office build expertise in other certifications, keeping up with green building ordinances in our markets, and (hopefully) help me answer all those questions about energy codes. 

They do not need... Read more

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Hi All,

Wanted to let you all know about an ADSDL inspired event we are having on Thursday in Boston.  We’re having close to 40 presenters giving 5 minute presentations (sound familiar?) on the latest and greatest strategies getting us to net positive energy buildings.

Please forward this on to folks in your Boston offices.  ... Read more

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Through AIA work I have been working with Kim Shinn from TLC Engineering. Kim is involved on the ASHRAE 209 development and has been advocating that the AIA, ASHRAE and USGBC align around this standard. Personally I think this is a good idea as I expect that this standard could easily make it's way into regulations and contracts... Read more

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Drywall is energy-intensive to produce and has occasionally been associated with indoor air quality issues.

BuildingGreen-Approved Wallboard

BuildingGreen approves standard drywall products from North American manufacturers that typically offer recycled content and have either:

Greenguard Gold certification or certification to UL... Read more

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Hello Everyone,

Happy Monday, here is the link to the 2019 SDL Summer Summit Report!




Welcome to the quiz portion of Finding Furniture Without Toxic Flame Retardants.

Learning Objectives
Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:


1. Explain why avoiding toxic flame retardants is important.
2. Explain how we were swindled into dosing our buildings and our bodies with flame... Read more

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Has anyone pursued the schools Mold Prevention IEQc10 successfully and have format for the documentation created they would be comfortable sharing? Our contractor is excited about pursuing this credit but no on our team has pursued it before.

thanks in advance!

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If you are intending to participate in the Sustainable Construction Leaders Pre-Greenbuild SUMMIT on November 13 in Chicago, please register. We are preparing the pre-Summit survey that will help to determine the topics on the Summit agenda. You will not want to miss having your top-of-mind challenges be part of the conversation with your... Read more

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Hi all,

The USGBC Pacific Region is launching a new award this year that recognizes projects that have aspires to promote health of occupants and surrounding communities.  In true USGBC style, this award has not been properly publicized, so they are still looking for submissions.  I believe the deadline will be extended to June 7.  I... Read more

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We are looking into organics collection service in our corporate office in NYC. Is anyone else in this group composting at their corporate offices? I'm hoping to build a business case, so I'd like to highlight other firms in this group who are actively managing this process.

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Design assemblies that live up to their potential Course developer Peter Yost explains how high-performance assemblies are fundamentally different from traditional building assemblies.

High-performance buildings integrate site-responsive orientation, climate-responsive form, hefty R-values, efficient mechanical systems, healthy... Read more

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Asbestos and lead are among the most common hazardous materials encountered in older buildings.

BuildingGreen-Approved Remediation

BuildingGreen approves products that aid in managing lead and asbestos with minimal additional environmental and health risks.

About Asbestos

Use of asbestos as an insulating and fireproofing... Read more

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Hello All - It is so wonderful to virtually meet everyone and read through introductions. I'm a believer that positive change starts with groups of passionate and like-minded people organizing, and I think this group has the potential to push our industry forward, as well as offer a place for support and knowledge sharing.

I am Director... Read more