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Indoor pollutants can cause health problems and disrupt HVAC system functioning.

BuildingGreen-Approved Filtration

BuildingGreen approves a variety of equipment, filters, and pre-filters that remove particulates and contaminants, minimize pressure drop, or reduce pollution from operations. Products include:

MERV 13 or higher filters... Read more

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Hello Everyone,

Here is the 2019 SCL Demographics Report, thank you to everyone who submitted responses. Enjoy!

The SCL Salary Survey Report will be coming next and please note that the Salary Survey is only distributed to those who participated.

All the best,


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We've put together an infographic that offers a brief rundown of a bunch of programs and tools that help firms promote equity. The idea for this came out of the SDL Winter Summit, so thanks to those who were there and pushed us to create this resource!

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We are coordinating an effort to produce a "Building Reuse Practice Guide for Climate Action" for the AIA.  This is intended as a resource for architects working on major renovations and adaptive reuse, with a focus on reducing energy use, lower embodied carbon, electrification, and adapting to a changing climate. We are looking for around 5... Read more

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In the "CASE 2" heading, remove the word "Only" so the text becomes "CASE 2. Residential and Hospitality Projects"

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Hi all,

We have been noodling on how to preference socially just building products and are feeling a little overwhelmed by the number of questions that we would need to ask our suppliers. Essentially we find ourselves wishing that there was a fair trade label for building products very similar to the one for global agriculture. Or, maybe... Read more

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Good morning all,

I'm new to the forum and I am really happy to be here. For the last year or so, I have been working to advance high performance design at Flad, grappling with so many of the issues discussed in this forum. Especially in the context of recent times, it feels really wonderful to join a group of people dedicated to helping... Read more

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The current version of the program manual includes ID numbers for the best practices, as shown below. I know we want to keep a quick reference number or ID, but though it would be worth asking if we want to use the below, reorder them in some way, or use a different kind of ID. Opinions?


--------... Read more

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Tomorrow is my last day at FXCollaborative before I head back to school. It has been such a gift to engage with you all over the past 10 years. Please stay in touch - my contact information is I am headed out to UBC next week to do a deep dive into resilience and adaptation in urban environments.

FXCollaborative... Read more

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1. Add the following after the bullet for Facts- NSF/ANSI 336

 Global Green TAG PHD labels issued after January 1, 2020

2. Delete the following bullet under Facts- NSF/ANSI 336:
Other USGBC approved programs meeting the material ingredient reporting criteria.

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Change footnote text to, "For customer parking, preferred parking refers to the parking spots that are closest to the main entrance of the project (exclusive of spaces designated for handicapped) or parking passes provided at a discounted price. For employee parking, preferred parking refers to the spots that are closest to the entrance used by... Read more

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Exterior paints, stains, and primers—particularly alkyds—can have very high volatile organic compound (VOC) levels and can contain numerous chemicals of concern.

BuildingGreen-Approved Coatings

BuildingGreen lists exterior coatings that meet the South Coast Air Quality Management District’s (SCAQMD) VOC requirements of 50 grams per liter... Read more

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changed from: "2850 + [250*(number of bedrooms)- 5)]" to "2850 + [250*(number of bedrooms - 5)]"

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Hello all,

Does anyone know of any Rebate Program for either induction cooking equipment or kitchen electrification (new or existing)? Looking for any local or state or even federal programs (outside of California) that incentivize designing/building/retrofitting towards an all electric kitchen for any program type (institutional, single... Read more


Welcome to the quiz portion of The Building Envelope: Primers from Environmental Building News.

Learning Objectives
Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:


1. Explain how thermal mass helps maintain indoor thermal comfort in buildings.
2. Describe the differences between closed-cell and... Read more

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Hi all: I'm looking for experience, insight, or advice as it relates to ISO 14001. I know it is more popular internationally than in the US, and I am trying to ascertain if the the value-add is greater than the cost and effort. If your company is certified, or even if you have looked into it in any capacity, I would love to pick your brain.... Read more