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I was wondering if you have any previous experience implementing SSO authentication with Salesforce before and if you had any pointers. This morning I created a developer account on Salesforce and enabled it as an identity provider and am in the process of trying to get Drupal to act as the service provider. The Salesforce... Read more

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Allison Mears at Parsons asked me to share this.  Several folks on this list participated in these recordings.  The courses are comprehensive.

Parsons Healthy Materials Lab has created a series of online learning courses specifically designed for professionals like you, dedicated to making the built environment the best (and healthiest... Read more

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Preservative treatments extend the service life of wood, but many such treatments are highly toxic, especially to aquatic life.

BuildingGreen-Approved Preserved Wood

Products approved by BuildingGreen use chemicals (commonly borates) that are relatively low in toxicity and have low VOC emissions.

Health and Environmental Issues with... Read more


Welcome to the quiz portion of Choosing Windows: Looking Through the Options.

Learning Objectives
Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:


1. Choose a frame material based on its structural characteristics, thermal insulation, durability, maintenance requirements, cost, and effects on the... Read more

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This summit was pre-approved for 10 AIA LU|HSWs and 10 GBCI CE hours.

Please complete the survey question to confirm your attendance and receive your CEUs.

By providing your credential numbers in your profile, you will enable us to automatically report these CEUs to the organization. Please check your profile to be sure your... Read more

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I am the Sustainability Program Manager for Sellen Construction in Seattle, WA where we build healthcare, education, office buildings, museums, historical renovations, and unique structures like sculpture parks and the “spheres” that have been in the news lately.  My role blends environmental regulatory compliance, sustainability in field... Read more

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Should the Best Practice names always be accompanied by their number? See the attached screenshots, all taken from the main forum page:

Best Practice labels next to individual forum posts Best Practice names in the forum filter dropdown Best Practices in the main navigation dropdown menu

Product Guide

CEUs are available for reading all the building-envelope product guides and primer. Click here to learn more and take the quiz.

Water and air that penetrate building assemblies can damage materials, cause energy loss, and lead to mold, mildew, or other problems. The products used to address these may contain materials that are... Read more

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Notes and Guiding questions here--please add your own!

2030 Commitment Check-In: Is it leading to more awareness and better outcomes on projects?

Is energy modeling and tracking going to get us to zero by 2030?

Is it effective at driving all projects across a portfolio?

What are firms getting out of reporting... Read more

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Welcome to the quiz portion of Eight Tips for Passing the LEED v4 AP BD+C Exam.

Learning Objectives
Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:

1. List important tables and calculations from the reference guide.

2. Explain what's pertinent about credit options and documentation.... Read more

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The Winter Summit participants have had this for a few weeks now, and no one has screamed about anything being inaccurate, misleading, or too revealing, so it's time to share the latest Summit report more widely. 

Per our long-standing policy, this report can be shared outside our "safe space"--it's a great way to share the wealth of... Read more

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HGA is looking to fill several positions, including: a senior leader for resilience services and research, senior and junior simulation experts, senior and junior sustainability leaders. Please pass this along to anyone interested in working in a collaborative, passionate, and seriously fun team setting. Locations all over the country too.... Read more

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Folks -anyone know if the 179D Commercial Buildings Energy Efficiency Tax Credit will be renewed for this year? The DOE website only references renewal on Jan 1, 2017... I am not holding my breath, but curious if anyone else has heard one way or the other. Thanks!