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Water heating is typically the fourth largest energy expenditure in commercial buildings (behind lighting, heating, and cooling).

BuildingGreen-Approved Water Heaters

The most efficient fuel-fired water heaters include... Read more


Welcome to the quiz portion of Passive Solar Heating.

Learning Objectives
Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:


1. Explain the three classic approaches to passive solar.
2. Understand the relevance of passive solar today.
3. Describe some key elements of passive solar design.
... Read more

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Are your clients asking you about wellness? You’re not alone. Healthy interiors and wellbeing are the trending buzzwords of sustainable design. Lighting design for... Read more

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Nice brief article on how to talk to clients about materials transparency. It was the right level of information to send out to the office at large. Kudos to Lona and Ralph for your contribution.

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Dear SDL: Thanks to all who have already given their support to the AIA Resolution on Urgent and Sustained Climate Action. We're into the final push of getting out the vote to pass the resolution next Wednesday, June 5th afternoon in Las Vegas. This requires 2/3s of the voting delegates to pass. So we're asking anyone who 1) is attending as a... Read more

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Hello! i had in my notes that the group interested in jobsite wellness was going to schedule a call mid-January.  I don't remember who was leading the effort.  does anyone have a list of who is on what committee?


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As I mentioned in my five-minute presentation this morning and then discussed a little more in the break-out on RELi that followed, the full RELi Rating System, in its current form, has now been posted online:

Unfortunately, this is only posted as a flipbook, currently (viewable online only), and isn't... Read more

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Is there a way for southface staff or guest experts to "pin" or "tag" the "right" answer in a forum question? It might be useful to designate the right answer and pin it to the top of a forum thread. I don't want the answer selected via crowd source but by staff or volunteers. Thanks.

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We are T-minus two days from the ILFI unconference and I am looking forward to seeing a bunch of you there.  I have a vague memory about there being a meet up scheduled - can somebody remind me of where/when.

Also, can folks that are speaking post a reply about when their session is and what the topic is please.

Thanks in advance... Read more

Campus-wide Group

Campus-wide Group

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Peer networks that allow knowledge sharing and collaboration between sustainability professionals

The Sustainable Design Leaders network and Summit events started over 10 years ago, when a group of sustainable designers realized that the struggles they faced and the goals they strove toward were shared by many... Read more

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Hi all,

Has anyone been able to find alternatives to vinyl window film products? I can find solutions for wall coverings, but am not having much luck when it comes to window films. Any leads or insight would be really helpful!

Thank you!


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SAVE THE DATE: ALL Peer Networks Show & Tell
Tuesday, November 19 | 8pm - 10pm
The Kendeda Building, Georgia Tech | Atlanta, GA

Start your time at Greenbuild on a high note!

Join your Peer Networks Colleagues from SDL, SCL, MEP, SDLS, and SAL for a high energy evening full of lightning round previews of the best... Read more

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Lighting left on in unoccupied spaces or not optimized for the end use can waste significant amounts of energy.

BuildingGreen-Approved Lighting Controls

BuildingGreen lists a wide variety of lighting control systems, from simple occupancy sensors to advanced whole-building systems.

We also list high-efficiency programmed-start... Read more