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ASTM Approves Green Roof Standards

ASTM International has accepted four new standards addressing green roofs:

Standard Test Method for Saturated Water Permeability of Granular Drainage Media [Falling-Head Method] for Green Roof Systems, Standard Practice for Determination of Dead and Live Loads Associated with Green Roof Systems, Standard Test Method for Water Capture and Media Retention Geocomposite Drain Layers for Green Roof Systems, and Standard Test Method for Maximum Media Density for Dead Load Analysis of Green Roof Systems. “While these four standards do not a green roof make, they are the first important steps toward building a stable of documents that can be used by all interested parties when specifying a green roof system,” wrote Ralph Velasquez, president of Integrated Building Technologies, LLC, and member of the ASTM green roof task force, in his column at The standards are available at

Published January 1, 2006

Boehland, J. (2006, January 1). ASTM Approves Green Roof Standards. Retrieved from

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