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California Law Raises Efficiency of Toilets and Urinals

Signed into law in October 2007, California Assembly Bill 715 requires manufacturers to phase in toilets using 1.28 gallons per flush (gpf; 4.85 liters per flush [lpf]) and urinals using 0.5 gpf (1.9 lpf). Starting in 2010, these high-efficiency toilets and urinals must represent 50% of a manufacturer’s offerings in the state, with that portion increasing to 100% by 2014. Exempted from this requirement are certain institutional toilets and urinals, such as some models common in prisons and some toilets and urinals installed in historically significant buildings. Local governments are also given the option of passing ordinances allowing the sale of 1.6 gpf toilets if they deem that a lower amount of water in the sewer system would pose a public health risk. The bill is available for download at; search for “AB 715.”

Published October 30, 2007

Wendt, A. (2007, October 30). California Law Raises Efficiency of Toilets and Urinals. Retrieved from

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