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Data on HDPE and PET Recycling Shows Environmental Benefits

A life-cycle inventory released by Franklin Associates, a consulting firm based in Prairie Village, Kansas, shows that recycling HDPE and PET plastics saves enough energy to power 750,000 U.S. homes. Both plastics are used widely in food packaging; HDPE is used for piping, water storage, and other uses in buildings, while PET is used for mats, fabrics, and other interior products.

The life-cycle study, funded by a consortium of groups including the American Chemistry Council, finally puts real data behind sustainability claims made for recycled plastic resins. Recycling PET uses 84% less carbon than producing new material, and results in 71% less greenhouse gas emissions, according to the report. The report is available here.

Published October 11, 2010

Wendt, A. (2010, October 11). Data on HDPE and PET Recycling Shows Environmental Benefits. Retrieved from

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